Portal snow/rock shed measures approximately 12" long, 5.75" high, 3.625" wide.  Scale size:87'-8" L x 41'-6" H, 27'-4" W.  Kit includes material, drawings (templates), instructions and assembly photos.  Parts are cut from MDF and solid wood to depict a concrete structure and undecorated.  Packaged in high density cardboard box.  This model fashioned from  the portal entrance along the Fraser Canyon.


Concrete snow/rock sheds began to appear around 1960 in North america,  Some concrete sheds replaced wooden sheds.  Since the 1960's, concrete is one of the materials of choich used to construct new snow/rock sheds.   Should your modelling era fall into the 1960's to current years, you may want to consider incorporating a concrete looking shed. 


Should you be modelling in another scale and would like to model this shed, please contact us for a quote.  We are able to make this kit in other scales upon request.  

HO Model RR Concrete Snow/rock Shed PS100 Kit

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