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Branch netting 1/8 oz package.  It is used as primary or secondary tree/shrub branches.  Apply netting to tree armature.  See attached photos.  Netting may be cut to desired length.  Easy to work with.  Used primarily with wire to make realistic looking trees.  Add Mountain Pacific Scenic foliage to complete your trees.

You may also want  to get wire and other tree making accessories.  Please visit our store for foliage and accessories related to making long lasting trees and shrubs using the wire methods.  These trees are resilient to breaking and damage from handling.   Further in this description, we will provide you with instructions to making wire method 'A' trees.

The number of trees you can make varies according to tree size, shape, etc.  For realistic appearance, vary size and colors.   

Model Tree Branch Netting, N, HO,S,O, 1/16" (1:200mm), to 1/4" (1:50mm) scales

SKU: MPS-14110
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