HO Model 104 undecorated Wood Trestle bridge Kit .  Measures approximatetly 10" long, 4" high.  Scale size: 72 ft L x 29 fFt H.  Complete with  wood deck, barrel platform, sand barrels, piles, stringers, braces, guard rails, handrails, bulkhead planks, drawings, templates and instructions.  Not included in kit: track rails, rail spikes, adhesive, paint.  Enclosed drawings allow bridge to be built straight or curved.  Curve radiis start at 18" on center line and increase at 2" intervals to 36". Please contact MPS should you prefer us to construct this kit for you.  Cost: $263.00 cdn (inclides, track rails, stain finish).  NOT included:  any applicable duty & taxes, shipping and handling, insurance.

HO Model 104 Wood Trestle Bridge Kit

SKU: MPS 104
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