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HO Model 1125 undecorated Wood Truss Bridge Kit .  This kit only available upon placing an order.  Please allow 2 mos for delivery.   Must contact Mountain Pacific Scenics.   Measures approximatetly 10.25" long, 3" high.  Scale size: 73.5 ft L x 18 ft H.  Complete with wood deck, stringers, top and bottom cords, braces, guard rails, tie rods, channels, nut/washer assembly, drawings, templates, illustrations and instructions.  Not included in kit: track rails, rail spikes, adhesive, paint and bridge suppports.   Please contact MPS should you prefer us to construct this kit for you.  Cost:  $495.00 cdn (includes track rails, stain finish).   Not included: bridge supports,  any applicable taxes & duty, shipping & handling, insurance. 

HO Model 1125 Wood Truss Bridge Kit

SKU: MPS 1125
Please allow 2 months for delivery of this product as it is only manufactured upon request
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